Learning FontExpert Views

The main FontExpert window has several views. Switch between views using tabs along the bottom of the window.


Main View


Windows Fonts




Task Panel



Text Sample

Characters Table


Windows Fonts view shows the list of currently installed and loaded Windows fonts. These fonts are currently available for all applications. To preview the font, select it from the list.

Folders view shows the list of folders. Use this view to browse for font files in your computerís drives and folders.

Worklist view allows you to manage lists of fonts stored as xml files.

Fonts view allows you to organize fonts into groups, preview and manage fonts in Library. Library node of Fonts view is a powerful feature that allows you to preview your font library as a hierarchy of folders. (See also Adding Fonts to Library and Search in Library.)

Main view displays files and folders. For font files, this view displays font samples ("thumbnails").

Task Panel displays the commands and titles linked to common tasks.

Properties view shows the properties of the currently selected item in the main view.

Tags view allows you to assign keywords, ratings, and categories to selected fonts.

Text Sample view shows a sample of text formatted with the font selected in the Main view. This view has a toolbar with the list of predefined samples.

Characters Table view uses the font selected in the main view to display a table of characters formatted with the selected font. Use the formatting toolbar to choose a font size, zoom in, or zoom out. In the Options area, you can customize the table, specify the number of columns, and change other parameters.