Discussion of Missing Fonts Loader plug-in for Adobe InDesign
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I have a group of InCopy (4.04) users using FontExpert 2006 to activate fonts. I've found that the Missing Fonts Loader works with InCopy, kind of: InCopy quits with a Runtime error after opening one document successfully, closing it, and then opening a second document. After relaunching InCopy, the second document will open successfully. In other words, it works once before failing. Removing the plug-in solves the problem, but makes life hard for our InCopy users.

Is this problem occurring because I'm pushing my luck by using the plug-in with InCopy, or is there a solution?

OS: Win XP SP2
Adobe InCopy 4.04
FontExpert 2006

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We've tested InCopy version 4.0 (version displayed in Help/About InCopy...) with 2 simple .incx documents and FontExpert 2006 ver 8.0 release 4 (the latest at this moment).
We've not found any crashes of InCopy.(=Can't reproduce with simple documents.) But we've found a problem - InCopy doesn't detect automatically activated fonts. (In fact, when InCopy opens the .incx doc, the plug-in really activates missing font. In the FontExpert this font got's "orange" label in the Groups view, as temporarily activated font.) But InCopy doesn't understand the moment that the font has been activated and still marks this font as missing in the opened .incx document.
We're aware of this problem, and it is generic for virtually ALL Adobe products. Adobe products don't like temporarily activated PostScript Type 1 fonts fonts, but do understand permanently installed PS fonts.

This problem is described in this forum topic:
"FontExpert Bugs, Known Issues and Workarounds" - "Can’t see activated Postscript fonts in Adobe CS2 proggs", ... .php?t=135

If you can send two real InCopy .incx documents that may illustrate the crash of InCopy (with our plug-in) - please send to our support@ address. We'll test the InCopy & our plug-in with them.
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