Tutorials and Video

FontExpert - Getting Started Quickly

The video shows how to quickly get started in FontExpert. Add fonts to the group and library by simple copy and paste from Explorer, then activate the group and its fonts for your project (for example, for a project in Adobe Illustrator). Then see how to create groups from a folder structure.

FontExpert - Edit Font Properties and Rename Font

See how to rename a font in FontExpert, change version string, trademark, and other properties of the font. Edit Font Properties feature changes the "name" table of the TrueType/OpenType font.

FontExpert - Convert a font to WOFF Web Font

This video shows how to convert a font into WOFF format and view the resulting font in a browser.

FontExpert 2015 - Fast and Effective Font Management by DasTactic on YouTube

Missing Fonts Loader for Adobe InDesign

Connects Adobe InDesign with FontExpert and activates missing fonts in Adobe InDesign document.

Tutorial - Missing Fonts Loader for Adobe Illustrator

Missing Fonts Loader for Adobe Illustrator Plug-In