Installing Fonts

To install font, select it in the Main view. Right click on the font file name and select  Install... from the popup menu to open the Installing Fonts dialog box. Click the Install button.

You also can choose Install instead of Install…. Install option is equivalent to Install…, but it doesn’t display the window with the list of fonts.

The Install… and Install commands activate (install) a font permanently. Windows will load this font at every Windows restart.

To install a group of fonts, select it in the Fonts view. Right click the group folder and select Install... from the popup menu.

Toolbar Button




Install permanently.


Activate Temporarily.


Uninstall or Deactivate.
Permanently installed fonts will be uninstalled; temporarily activated fonts will be deactivated.


Colored Item in the main view




The font is installed permanently (font is active).
Windows will load this font again after restart.


The font is activated temporarily (font is active).
Windows will NOT load this font automatically after restart.