Missing Fonts Loader Plug-in for Adobe InDesign

The plug-ins for Adobe InDesign CC 2019 and earlier versions are available on the Proxima Software Web site. Missing Fonts Loader plug-in can automatically activate missing fonts in Adobe InDesign documents.

See also: Information about all available plug-ins on the Proxima Software Web Site

Missing Fonts Loader Plug-In

For the products

Adobe InDesign CC 2019
and earlier versions


Automatic Activation of Missing Fonts

Operating System Microsoft Windows


FontExpert 2021 version 16.0.
Your fonts must be added to FontExpert Library.

File Name MissingFontsLoader.pln


The plugs-in for earlier versions of InDesign (2017 and earlier) require Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package, available on the Proxima Software Web site: http://proximasoftware.com/downloads/

Installing the Plug-in

1. Copy the MissingFontsLoader folder to the Adobe InDesign plug-ins folder:

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CC 2019\Plug-Ins\MissingFontsLoader\(MissingFontsLoader Resources)

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CC 2019\Plug-Ins\MissingFontsLoader\MissingFontsLoader.pln.

(to the Plug-Ins subfolder of the folder, where Adobe InDesign CC 2019 is installed on your computer.)

2. Restart Adobe InDesign.


Using the Missing Fonts Loader Plug-in

Missing Fonts

If any fonts in a document are missing, Adobe InDesign displays a warning window.

This plug-in has an activation option: automatic (recommended) or manual.

Automatic Activation

The Missing Fonts Loader Plug-in loads missing fonts automatically when you open an Adobe InDesign document.

The plug-in searches for fonts in font groups defined in FontExpert. If a missing font is not found in the FontExpert Library, it will not be activated, and the font will be marked by InDesign as a missing font (for the current document).

Sometimes, when InDesign opens the document, it may still mark fonts as missing, even though they were actually activated by the plug-in during the opening of the document. In this case, you may be required to reopen document to let InDesign know that all missing fonts are now activated.

Manual Activation

When the Activate Missing Fonts Automatically checkbox is cleared, the plug-in does not activate missing fonts when you open the document. You can open the plug-in window and activate fonts manually.

The Missing Fonts Loader window shows the list of missing fonts in current document:

Click the Activate All button to activate missing fonts.

Important Note

When missing fonts are activated manually, it may take some time for InDesign to recognize new fonts and to redraw the document. Sometimes you need to close document and open it again.