Text Sample View

The Text Sample view view shows a sample of the currently selected font in the main view.

Choose the type of sample text from the drop down list on the toolbar: Alphabet, Text Sample, Symbols, Numbers, etc.

To customize the text of the sample, choose Tools/Options... from the main menu.

To load a text sample from a text file, choose the text file in Options and select "Text File" in a drop down menu on the toolbar.


If you want to automatically save typed text as a text sample, use "My Text Sample 1" sample. For this text sample FontExpert automatically saves the text you type in Text Sample view to Options and uses this text as the text sample.


Kerning is the process of improving font appearance and legibility by adjusting the white space between certain paired characters, such as 'To', 'Te', or 'VA', which are known as kerning pairs. Many fonts include a kerning table with predefined, font-specific kerning pairs.

Select View/Text Sample/Draw Text with Kerning (Read Only) from the main menu to turn on or off kerning in the Text Sample view. Or click the button on the Text Sample toolbar.

Choose Show Kerning Pairs... from the popup menu to display all kerning pairs defined in the selected font: