Question on Font Expert - fonts stored on usb drive

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Question on Font Expert - fonts stored on usb drive

Post by MisMelzy » Mon Feb 28, 2005 7:27 pm

Hi -

I'm interested in font expert but before I download the trial softwear I want to know if it has a certian feature. The descriptions of features are vague to me.

I am a designer and I use a LOT of fonts. I want to have fonts stored on another usb drive. I know that I can store them there. but does font manager allow you to move the whole font directory to a new location for use ?

I want to have an extensive collection without it hogging up space on my hard drive.



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Post by support » Tue Mar 01, 2005 6:31 am

FontExpert allows you to keep fonts on any logical drive established in Windows, including removable drives. If you see your USB drive in Windows Explorer and it is allowed to have a file system on this drive and to create regular folders on it, then FontExpert also allows you to keep fonts on this drive. FontExpert's font groups are regular folders on your disk, so you can create a hierarchy of folders on any drive, copy or move fonts to these folders. You can use Files view in FontExpert to copy or move fonts, or as alternative way, you can use any another file manager such as Windows Explorer. When you have a hierarchy of folders with your fonts, you can target FontExpert to use the root folder of your hierarchy as a root of font groups (Tools/Options/General). After that all your font folders will appear in FontExpert Groups view.

The only note: when you keep fonts on removable drive and you permanantly install fonts with option to leave fonts at the original location (without copying to Windows\Fonts folder), you should always make sure the removable disk is always inserted in the drive. Otherwise fonts will not be activated at the Windows start up.

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