FontExpert & Adobe Illustrator

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FontExpert & Adobe Illustrator

Post by MoBO » Wed Dec 06, 2006 1:29 pm


I'm actually using the last trial version of your product and Illustrator CS2 12.01.

I'm facing huge problems with activating fonts.
Temporarly activation or even Fonts installation is no working fine.

Even closing Illustrator is not working.
For an unknown reason after some time the fonts are visible from the menu (text/fonts) but not from the toolbar (?!)

Is there any special trick needed for Illustrator ??

I saw some post related to Adobe products with the "Installation" solution but it's not working fine with me.

I need an "On the fly" solution since we are using many many many fonts.

I really love the option offered FontExpert (like goups, temp installation...) but... If I can't see my fonts... you can imagine.

It's working fine on Word...

Another point, I have a French version of XP/SP2 and french add-on for FontExpert.

Can you help in any way ?
Do you have to create another add-on for Illustrator ?


no solution ?

I might made something wrong.
If you need more details, I will provide you wathever you want, except my credit card ;o)

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Post by admin » Wed Dec 06, 2006 4:09 pm

The following topic describes the problem with temporarily activated fonts and Adobe products. Adobe productes doesn't detect temporarily activated PostScript fonts located in the arbitrary folder (this behaviour is incorrect, because Windows allows activation of fonts in any folder):

"Can’t see activated Postscript fonts in Adobe CS2 proggs" ... .php?t=135

Note that the problem occurs with PostScript fonts. TrueType and OpenType (activated temporarily) are detected OK.

So it is better to use "Install Now" ir "Install..." instead of "Activate Temporarily" if you want your PostScript fonts were detected by Adobe product.

>"or even Fonts installation is no working fine"

We have tested it and permanent installation ("Install Now" ir "Install...") always working fine and Adobe products detact new fonts and display new font names in drop down menu.
Please could you try again? Let us know if it really doesn't work on your computer - we'll figure out the problem.
You can contact directly via e-mail: support @ proximasoftware .com, usually we reply quickly.

(French language add-on is NOT the reason of the problem. It is just the translation of strings, menus, but the program code is absolutely the same.)
(We plan to create a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator.)

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