Can I export my sorted groups to use on another computer?

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Can I export my sorted groups to use on another computer?

Post by roxsilver » Fri Feb 09, 2007 7:56 am

I have sat and sorted my 2500 fonts into different groups/ categories. This is quite a time consuming process.

I would now like to save these groupings and put them on my laptop. So that my Work PC groups correlate with my Home PC groups, and so that i do not have to resort all 2500 again.

Is this possible? and if not, why not?

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Post by admin » Sun Feb 18, 2007 9:58 am

Version 8 doesn't have the feature of backup/restore (but the following version(s) must have this feature.)

But you can move your font groups collection to another computer manually.

FontExpert 2006 ver 8.0 uses Font Groups root folder as regualar folder on local disk.

So you can copy entire group root folder with all child subfolders to another computer and then choose this folder in FontExpert options: Tools, Options, Groups, Font Groups root folder.

You can copy Font Groups in 2 steps:

1. Copy entire Font Groups with subfolders.

2. Copy additional fonts (located outside Font Groups) to ensure that short cuts refer to existing font files on new computer.

Note about shoort cuts:
It is possible that you have shortcuts in your font groups. The short cut refers to some font file that usually is located outside font groups hierarhy.
In this case you should also copy "external" font files.

For example,
if you have a short cut that refers to the font file:

c:\Document and Settings\MyName\My Documents\My Original Fonts\MyFont1.otf

you should ensure that the same font is located in the same folder on your new computer.

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