Printing question - selecting fonts and page numbering

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Printing question - selecting fonts and page numbering

Post by Moo » Sat Mar 12, 2005 4:02 pm

Hi, I had a couple questions regarding printing fonts with FontExpert.

I have over 3000 fonts and was wondering if there's an easier way to select all of them, other than highlighting my list manually. I tried selecting a Group, but the Print Preview still only says no fonts were selected. Right now, I manually select all the fonts by shift-clicking or using my mouse to create a box around them all...

My other question is in regards to page numbering.
I know there is an option to number the pages printed, and the code is %d for the page number. Is there a way to have the code print out [%D of TOTALPAGES]? As in 1 of 200, so I know how many pages total will be printed...

Thanks for any help.

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Post by support » Sat Mar 12, 2005 5:30 pm

Current version 6.0 prints fonts that are selected, so unfortunately it is required to select manually all fonts for printing. This is a question asked by many users, so I hope in the next version 7.0 we could implement another way to choose fonts for printing. For example, it could be an additional menu command (Print All Fonts) which will print all fonts listed in a folder displayed in the Files or Groups view. (Let us know if you have any suggestions.) Any variables to insert the number of printed pages to headers or footers are not implemented, but we will keep in mind this enhancement.

Here are some thoughts and tips how to print large number of fonts.

Although we have not tested printing with _all_ printer drivers available in Windows, but the success of printing may depend on a printer driver. To print a page with multiple fonts, it is usually required to load all fonts used on this page and FontExpert loads them temporarily before it sends a page to printer. We have found that with some printer drivers it is impossible to unload all used fonts after the page is printed, so it appears as if the printer "holds" all fonts that were loaded during printing.
Windows has documented limits of the number of fonts loaded simultaneously, it depends on the version of Windows (for example, in Windows 98 it is about 800 fonts). Printer drivers also may have some limits of the number of fonts used in a printing job. So when you print several hundreds of fonts as one printing job it may happen you exceed the limits. Extra fonts will not be loaded correctly and could be printed with the default type face (such as Arial).

It is usually a good idea to split thousands of fonts to a number of font sets and print them in several printing jobs.
The version 6.0 of FontExpert doesn't check the number of fonts selected for printing and doesn't warn you when needed. I hope we will enhance printing in the following version and optimize printing of huge number of fonts.

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Post by msleger » Sun Mar 11, 2007 10:21 am

When printing a multi-page report (at least in Condensed reports), the first font (that's supposed to be) on each new page actually gets dropped and is missing from the printed report.

When removing the %d from page numbering, Font Expert automatically adds it. So, if I have a few hundred fonts selected for a report, then set to print page 5 only, it will print as Page 1 on the report. If I set the page numbering to "Page 5", the page will print with "Page 5 1" for the page number due to the auto-addition of %d.

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Post by admin » Tue Mar 13, 2007 7:40 pm

Thank you!

Both issues will be fixed in the version 9.

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