Searching For Fonts Using Filter

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Shandy Elliott
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Searching For Fonts Using Filter

Post by Shandy Elliott » Tue Mar 02, 2010 4:39 pm

I have a LOT of fonts in various folders in which have "(1)", "(2)", "(3)", etc appended to the file name. This happened after using a third-party application to rename fonts from random characters to their actual fonts names. For example, take 2 fonts, both are in the Arial Family, one is Arial and the other Arial Bold. This third-party program didn't properly rename them as "Arial" and "Arial Bold", so now I have font names like "Arial" and "Arial(1)".

In trying to "Find Duplicate Fonts", I cannot for the life of me get FontExpert to filter and only display fonts containing "(1)" or "(2)", etc. I CAN enter "(" in the filter field and I will get results for fonts with "(BRK)" or "(plain") in the font name, but NOT "(1)" etc. This is maddening.

I'm going to have to manually compare thousands of fonts, and if I can have FontExpert sort out the fonts with "(1)" etc in their filename(s), I could save some time.

What am I missing?

Essentially, I would like to take a particular folder, check for duplicate fonts, put those duplicate fonts into a worklist (I can do) AND search for fonts containing "(1)" etc and add those results into the current worklist. I just can't get FE to find those fonts with "(1)" etc...

Even JUST using "1" without quotes in the filter box results in file names with 1, but NO results of file names with "(1)" - it's like FE totally disregards file names with a parenthesis+number combination.

UPDATE: Maybe if "Search For Fonts" would allow one to search/filter for "File name" in additional to "font name".

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Post by admin » Sat Apr 03, 2010 10:05 am

Suppose you have the "Arial(1).ttf" file with Arial font.

"Arial(1).ttf" as a FILE name, it is not a FONT name.

So "(1)" is a part of FILE name, not a part of a FONT name.

In DB Search view you type a part of FONT name, so you must type "Arial", or just "Ari".

But if you want to search for FILES that include "(1)" symbols in a FILE name, then use Find Fonts window.

1) Go to Find Fonts window (Tools/Find Fonts)
2) Expand "Font File Types" section

Default font filter is usually the following:

3) Type the following font filter (instead of the default filter):

*(1).ttf; *(1).otf

NOTE: "*" is a substitution for any number of characters,
while "?" is a substitution for single character.

4) Press Search button

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