Uncategorized fonts?

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Uncategorized fonts?

Post by lorie_wa » Mon May 09, 2011 10:06 pm

Is there a way to search your font library for all fonts which have not yet been assigned a category? This would be helpful especially if you move a font outside of FE, as it seems that if you do that, you lose any categorization you might have done...

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Re: Uncategorized fonts?

Post by admin » Tue May 10, 2011 3:48 am

Thank you for suggestion. In DB Search view "By Categories" section there is no easy-to-use check box or control that implements this feature.

I've found one way how it is possible to find uncategorized fonts in FontExpert version 10.0 - using "Not rated" check box in "By Rating" section.
This way assimes that you do not use ratings or always use categories with rating (e.g. if you assign a category, you assign a rating as well).

The idea: if all categorized fonts also have an assigned rating (1,2,3,4, or 5), you can use "Not rated" checkbox to find all uncategorized fonts.

1. In "By Categories" section select all categories (click to each check box to the left of category name). (Combine categories with "or" flag.)
Result - all fonts having at least one category will be found and displayed in the main view.
2. Select all fonts in the main view.
3. Assign them a rating, for example, "4".

NOTE: Unfortunately, this assignment will override any ratings you assigned to these fonts earlier.
One trick how it is possible to save/restore ratings - using keywords.
Select fonts having rating "5" and assign them a temporary keyword "Rated 5". Then assign a keyword "Rated 4" to fonts having rating "4", etc.
Then you will be able to select fonts by "Rated 5" keyword and assign them rating 5 again.
Then delete temporary keywords: "Rated 5", "Rated 4", etc.

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