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Back to Bare Bones?... Hopefully

Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2012 12:06 pm
by ionosphere
I have purchased FontExpert 2011 to try and get my WindowsXP SP3 machine running in a more functional manner. While I absolutely love type it turns out that I've become a Font Hoarder. When I first ran your software it indicated that I have 4079 fonts permanently installed and active. I had fairly smooth operation - all things considered... If I needed to work with any of the Adobe Creative Suite (I have CS3 Premium) I would launch the App - go do something else for 5 -10 minutes and come back. It was up and running. I had initially been using the old ATM and attempted making groups under that. After a while my PSFONTs and WINDOWS Fonts just got out of control and it looks like FontExpert 2011 may be my salvation. Each time I'd launch Acrobat 8.+- the machine would appear to freeze and in contacting tech support I was once told that there was an issue with a "data pipe" that had to go check all of my RAM and Virtual and Physical memory before moving forward. BTSOM.

I never got an answer from Adobe as to what the full issue was and I suppose I sort of let it go because - eventually - it all worked. Well, that was a ridiculous thing to put up with. (I'm much more of a Fine Artist and Illustrator - not so much the program and tech sort...) So after a lot of reading and searching I think it may be that my extensive font collection has all but crippled the machine for a long time. Thoughts on the issue are appreciated.

What I'm trying to find out - if such information exists? - Are there any basic tables of fonts that are specific to the operating system and (while I'm sure that it depends on what programs you have installed... and how many versions) Is there a way to say "Okay, Myriad was distributed with Adobe Illustrator CS" and so was - whatever, etc... I'm just hoping to get the installed number of fonts back to 200 or 300 and see how the system behaves. With a vast number of those fonts archived - I'd soon be able to separate "want" from need.

Thanks, Bill

Re: Back to Bare Bones?... Hopefully

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2012 11:37 am
by admin
Please see in FontExpert:
Tools/Show Installed Fonts...
then see "Known Font Comment" column in the list of fonts.
The list of known fonts is actually read from a special XML file where we put information about many frequently used fonts that come with operating systems and MS Office. If you are an experienced user you can edit (customize) this XML file.

Re: Back to Bare Bones?... Hopefully

Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 1:44 am
by ionosphere
Thanks for telling me about the text file in the "known font" comment XML. I had stopped back here and looked a couple times and did not see anything. Now I see it and wonder why I didn't get any email notification. I will check my settings. I will also check back more often. Will advise how things go or went. Still need to clean this font stuff up. Thanks again.