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Font Locations, Library Node, etc.

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 4:45 am
by VividLizard
I'm using a trial version of FontExpert 2018. I have a paid version of FontExpert 2014. I went through and created a Library of all my fonts. I ran into a few problems...

1. If I want to know where a particular font is in Font View and look at it's properties on the right (selecting it from the Library Node), it says it's file location is "Library", not it's actual location. Can this be fixed? The Library Node in Fonts View seems to me to be the default "database" for my fonts, but without being able to see which folder that font is truly in, it reduces it's usefulness quite a bit for me.

2. Also, when I do a search for a particular category I've created (say, "Retro - Mid-century"), it searches the entire Library even if I only want to search my OpenType/CFF fonts for example. It would be great if you could restrict a search like that.

Plus, when I specifically selects the main Library Node (not a sub-node) and do a category search, the Main View will many times show me a font twice... one from it's actual folder location, and an exact duplicate that just says "Library" as it's file location. Again, this doesn't make any logical sense and bloats my view. If you could fix it, that would be wonderful.

Re: Font Locations, Library Node, etc.

Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 7:12 pm
by admin
1) FontExpert determines folder path within LIB based on font properties (for example, SE subfolder name stands for Serif, then goes the first letter of family name, then family name, then file name). We consider path within LIB as internal implementation of the Library and database. It is easy to display it, but we do not recommend accessing library font files directly. You can copy a font file from Library to external folder (for example, from library to a folder within My Collections node).
2) Thank you for suggestion, good idea and we plan to implement it.
3) Library contains unique font files only, there are no duplicates. You cannot add two identical font files (identical byte to byte), but you can add two versions of the same font. We think that versions of the same font sometimes are needed, for example, if you format a document with a font of specific version you may want to keep two or more versions of the same font. So that, if you keep several versions of one font in Library, search for the font name may produce two or more files in results (two different font files, but having the same font name).
Also, FontExpert looks for fonts in My Collections and also includes the files located within My Collections to search results.
We consider My Collections as a set of folders fully controlled by user, so the duplicates are allowed within My Collections. Font files located within My Collections are marked with additional icon ("user").

Re: Font Locations, Library Node, etc.

Posted: Sun Feb 25, 2018 6:14 pm
by VividLizard
Thank you for the reply.

What I meant in my #3 problem is that a category search shows me the EXACT SAME font file (not a same-named font) in 2 locations... one in the ORIGINAL font file location that LIB used to copy the font, AND the other in the copied LIB folder. It truly is the exact same font file and ARE duplicates, only now in 2 places because of how FontExpert works.

Right now, FontExpert doesn't allow a category search in a specific drive or folder, or a specific font type (OpenType, etc.)... it searches everything and shows you every font (true duplicates, etc. from ALL of my fonts all over the computer.

Because of this, I've deleted all of my LIB folders and files (which are true duplicates of fonts I have elsewhere in my computer) and am now experimenting on other, less cumbersome ways in FontExpert to list all of the fonts I want to use in graphic design, be able to categorize them (e.g. Handwriting - Kids; Retro - Old West, etc.), view them per type of font (OpenType, etc.), and not have them duplicated. This would be WAY more helpful for me. In fact, the way FontExpert does it now keeps me from upgrading, although the new version does have some helpful enhancements (much faster, can set it to list by Font Name instead of Font File by default).

My suggestion for FontExpert is to not keep duplicating fonts (library, groups, etc.), but simply work off of an internal FontExpert database that is created by scanning a selected drive, computer, selected folders or whatever. Original fonts never ever get duplicated, except for when one wants to copy them deliberately. This database is where I would be able to filter and view my entire list of fonts throughout my system, or only my "Working Fonts" (fonts I actually use), font types, properties, TRUE locations, search by categories, search within folders, etc. It would be based off of that database and NOT by creating new folders or "virtual" folders.


Re: Font Locations, Library Node, etc.

Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:59 am
by admin
I understand. The duplication of search results occurs because FontExpert includes two files to results - the original file located in My Collections and the file in Library/Groups.
But you can easily recognise original files located in My Collections by special additional icon with a picture of User. Files located in Library have only one icon (font type). In future releases there should be more control on search scope as you suggested.

Re: Font Locations, Library Node, etc.

Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 11:14 am
by Rotozaza
New to FE and I really hope to get rid of the Library!

Due to limitations of collections view not showing all foints in subfolder I must import all font into the library.

I simply want to browse though m,y fonts on disk, select, mayber add themn to project groups... am I kissing something?

Regards, Carl

Re: Font Locations, Library Node, etc.

Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 12:49 pm
by admin
To Carl:
"not showing all fonts in subfolder"
But My Collections node allows you to view all fonts in selected folder and in nested subfolders.
Make sure the option "Include Fonts within Subfolders" is ON. (In context menu. By default the option is ON.)

Add all root folders of your font collections to My Collections node, and you can browse your fonts.
Please describe in some more details, what are the features you need in My Collections.

But you cannot use Groups without using Library. It is not possible to link My Collection fonts to groups. They are always added to Library.