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Suggestions: tab key, multiple files, and a bug.

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2007 9:39 pm
by astragal
Hi! I have two more suggestions.

First, could the <tab> key move from window to window? I'd like to be able to press the <tab> key to cycle between (and activate) the various windows shown on the interface.

Second, when applying tags, I'd like to be able to select a group of fonts (in the main window), or a folder of fonts (in the groups or folder panes), and be able to apply tags to the whole set of selected files (or folders).

I think there's a bug. In tile view, in the main window, when i try to shift-select a group of files, the selection goes one row down too far, and one column to the right to far. (Maybe you are using 0 instead of 1 as the start of the sequence?). To duplicate the bug, go to a folder that has a lot of fonts in it, select one font, then shift-select another font located down and to the right.

Thanks! I've been enjoying your program a lot. - Astra

Posted: Fri Feb 11, 2011 4:13 pm
by admin
1. It is possible to implement this behavior of Tab key, I'll do some investigations. Currently you can activate views using assigned short cuts (you also can customize shortcuts in Tools/Customize/Keyboard). Thank you for suggestion!

2. In version 10 you can assign tags to selected fonts. To assign tags to all fonts within a folder (or a group) you can use Worklist view. Select a folder and choose Add to Worklist... command. All fonts within a folder and nested folders will appear in Worklist. Then select all fonts and assign a tag.

3. I've not reproducted reported bug in Tile view, but there is known issue in the default "thumbnail" view of the Main view. Sometimes when you select a range of fonts with Shift+Click one extra font could be selected. (This usually happens in 2-column view when you click to an item that is located to the left of the upper selected item.) We have found that this is a bug of Microsoft list view common control used in the Main view. Fixing this issue is a relatively difficult task. We reported this issue to Microsoft 2 years ago, but the bug is not fixed yet, unfortunately.