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Font Category Index

Post by Bluesman » Sat May 06, 2017 5:50 pm

Hi, what about setting up a database with fonts and their category/classification. External to FontExpert but with a link inside the software for quick access.
Just for licensed FontExpert users. Log in. As a help when you install a font that you don't know how to categorice or make tags for. Can be to some other use to... for example if your looking for a producer or reseller.
My thought is that all users shall provide input to this database and enter data as;
Font name: Classification: Sub Categorie: Suggested caption: Author: Rights/Receller:
Sabon Serif Old-Style Book plain text Jan Tschichold Linotype, Monotype Imaging

If everyone isert some fonts once in a while we will get quite a good database...

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