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Using FontExpert in Windows Vista and Windows Vista x64

Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 10:24 am
by admin
Windows Vista introduces enhanced security.

All programs by default are running in Windows Vista with limited privileges even if the current user is a member of Administrators user group.

Click here to learn more about running FontExpert as Administrator and as a Standard user in Windows Vista

Tips how to use fonts in Windows Vista:

1. Please keep your font groups collection in the My Documents root folder or in any folder you have an access to.
Earlier versions of FontExpert created groups within Program Files folder, now FontExpert will suggest a folder within My Documents.
If you have font groups collection located in Program Files\FontExpert\My Font Groups folder, please move this collection to any folder within your user profile.
For example, create “My Fonts” folder in My Documents, copy all font groups to this folder and choose this “My Fonts” folder as the root folder for font groups in FontExpert options:
Tools, Options, Groups, Font Groups root folder.

2. If you log on to Windows as a Standard user, you will not be allowed to delete fonts installed in standard Windows Fonts folder. Ask your Administrator to move required fonts from Fonts folder to any local folder in your user profile. Please note, that many fonts located in Fonts folder are shared by all users logging on to your computer, for example, fonts installed by MS Office.

3. In FontExpert when you install or uninstall fonts for personal use choose the default option: Leave files in their original location. (Another option “Copy files to Windows Fonts Folder” may fail because of lack of administrative privileges.)

Windows Vista Workaround

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 8:07 pm
by greywolf357
There is a way around the permissions that are used in Vista. You need to go to: Control Panel > User Accounts. Select the "Turn User Account Control on or off". Uncheck the "Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer" checkbox. The computer will have to be re-started for the changes to take affect. After restart, open Font Expert 2006 and you should be able to install/uninstall fonts. Hope this helps and let me know whether this works or not.

Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2007 4:17 pm
by admin
Thank you for this tip!

Vista's User Account Control is favorite feature of Microsoft and they do not recommend to turn it off. (Turning it off makes Windows Vista security very similar to security in Windows XP.) Thanks to Microsoft, every day we must see this blinking screen when run programs and installers on Vista... :)

But it is not required to turn User Accont Control off to run FontExpert on Vista.

If you are an Administrator on your computer, you can use "Run as Administrator" feature. This command is available from the context menu opened for the program.

Another way is to open Properties of the program short cut and set the [x] "Run program as Administrator" check box.

FontExpert 2006 version 8.0 Release 4 is running in Windows Vista (and in Windows XP) in two modes. If you launch the program as an administrator, all features are enabled. If you launch FontExpert as a standard user, the following features will be unavailable:

1. Installing fonts permanently (but it is allowed to activate fonts temporarily);
2. Uninstalling fonts (that are installed permanently);
3. Changing font substitutions.
(All these tasks require Administrator permissions.)

Click here to learn more about running FontExpert as Administrator and as a Standard user in Windows Vista

Without Administrator permissions you still can preview, print fonts, organize groups, worklists, etc. and you can activate and deactivate fonts temporarily.

Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 3:26 am
by admin
This issue is applied to earlier versions of FontExpert.

FontExpert 2009 version 10.0 does NOT require to be started "as administrator" in Vista and Windows 7. FontExpert will request administrator privileges on demand (when needed).