FE groups, silent crash? [not a bug]

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FE groups, silent crash? [not a bug]

Post by hym » Sun Apr 03, 2005 8:17 pm

The FontExpert demo impressed me today but it suddenly broke. When I open the application nothing is wrong until I want to go to the groups tab, FE seems to crash but I don't get any error message.

I'm a long time user of Extensis suitcase on mac but since I moved to pc for certain jobs i noticed there are better options for font managing besides ATM and extensis.

I've been trying multiple ways to fix it and i have only found two so far.

- Removing and Reinstalling FE (remove keeps font groups, and they are still working on new install)
- Adding a Font to a group so that the interface takes me automaticly into the groups tab

is this a bug or a conflict of some sort?

using XP, mixed type formats and the Link method to group

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Post by support » Mon Apr 04, 2005 6:17 am

Does the program (1) crashes in the moment when you activate the Groups tab, (2) or it crashes later when you browse your fonts in groups view?

In the 1-st case
Please make sure you use the program downloaded from this link:
http://www.proximasoftware.com/files/Fo ... tSetup.exe.

In the 2-nd case it is possible that some corrupted font file is currently located in groups folder which leads the program to crash on this font. Although we have tested the program with corrupted fonts, but we can't exclude this possibility. Easy workaround: close the program and just rename your root folder where font groups are located, by default this folder is the "c:\Program Files\FontExpert\FontGroups", where c: is the drive where Windows is installed. Rename it to "FontGroups_Saved" and run the program again (groups view must be empty). In the case the program still crashes when you activate Groups view, please download setup file from our site.
If you can't find the location of this folder, please send us a message to support@proximasoftware.com and we will reply to you with attached file that will help you to find this setting.

Please reply to let us know about the results.

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Post by hym » Fri Apr 08, 2005 7:33 am

The program closed instantly without any message (crash) in situation (1), I'm pretty sure it didn't even start drawing the directories in groups tab before crashing.

I installed the version you recommended and the problem didn't occur anymore (i waited a while to report to be certain since it only happened twice), I'm not entirely sure where i got the first setup from but i assume it was some site like download.com because i got multiple font managers to check out that day, so might have been outdated.

Thanks for the quick response, its really the best kind of promotion besides having a great app obviously, therefore i ordered it today via Share-it. FontExpert really outperformed the competition to me and i tested many after being long time suitcase user.

Thanks and expect some feedback and requests from me, 7.0 sounds like its going to turn out real great.

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