Selecting Multiple Fonts in two or more views [fixed in 8.0]

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Selecting Multiple Fonts in two or more views [fixed in 8.0]

Post by Guest » Tue Nov 01, 2005 3:55 pm

I am a devoted user of Font Expert and just upgraded to the 2005 ver. 7.

I am using the tabbed setup and trying to select multiple fonts. I used to be able to select the font in the File View and then scroll down the Font Faces view to find the next font to select. I select my next font name by holding the CTRL key while clicking on the name in the file view. Now when I do these steps, it is not keeping the fonts selected. Once I click to the Font Faces screen and then back on the File View, it only keeps the most recent file I had highlighted and the rest of the files are no longer hightlighted.

I hope this is just a bug other wise it will be very frustrating to continue to organize my collection.


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Post by support » Tue Dec 13, 2005 4:19 am

Selection of multiple items is not synchronized between neigbouring views. In version 7.0 and earlier versions you can select multiple fonts only in one view.

For example, when you select two or more fonts in Files view, only the last selected font is selected in Font Faces view. (And vice versa.)
Only the last clicked selected and focused item is synchronized.

Tips how to work around:
A. You can use Worklist view to select multiple fonts and keep fonts in permanent list. For example, working with fonts in Files view select several fonts, then choose Add to Worklist context menu command for selected fonts. So you can collect fonts in Worklist view. This way allows you to choose fonts located in several different folders.

B. You also can use check marks in Font Faces view to mark fonts. (This way has one disadvantage. Check marks are cleared when you change current folder in Files view and the list of fonts in Font Faces view is changed.)

Synchronization of multiple selected items is in our list of enhancements for the next version.

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