New Feature: Alphabetical increment with Font Faces

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New Feature: Alphabetical increment with Font Faces

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If anyone is familiar with Bitstream Font Navigator you can type a letter of a font in the total font list and it jumps to that font. Well now FontExpert 2006 has this same feature, albeit cooler with a visual list as opposed to a written list.

for example, if you take the Adobe font, Brioso...

You type B, it jumps to B in the list, you type R and it jumps to fonts with BR... etc

Well, now FontExpert 2006 uses this same feature in the Font Faces tab. So if you have a worklist in the thousands and need to check without scrolling and clicking for the specific font, just select the a Font in the Font Faces tab and begin to type incremently to spell its name until the few letters you type bring up the font you are after... BRI for Brioso. Very handy.

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