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Indicator for tagged fonts

Post by Alex »

In the Font Face window, it would be useful if there was an indicator of some sort when a font has been tagged. It would be useful for groups as well, but I'm not sure it's possible !?

It would be very useful because for some types of fonts, I went throught (most of) my entire list of fonts and put all the matching fonts in groups. For example, Handwriting fonts.

However, w/o indicator, when I encounter a handwriting font, I'm always unsure about whether or not it is in the 'handwriting' group. So, I add it to make sure since there is no way to check.

At least, if there was a star or something, I could see that the font has been properly classified. An indicator would be enough I guess. But the list of tags (or the option to add them) below the font names could also be useful.

As I said, I'm not sure it's possible with groups, but that'd be great for tags ...
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Post by support »

Thank you for this use case, we will keep it in mind when designing font tagging feature.
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Post by admin »

FontExpert 2007 ver 9.0 will introduce two new views: Tags view and DB Search view. In Tags view you can see the tags assigned to one or more selected fonts and to assign new tags (keywords, categories, caption and rating). In DB Search view you can search fonts by selected keywords and/or categories.

Instead of an indicator displayed for each font we can add a query that will show untagged fonts (the fonts without any keyword assigned and/or the fonts without any category assigned), so it seems this will help to find all unclassified fonts.
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