Suggestions for the search pane

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Suggestions for the search pane

Post by astragal »

While working with the search pane, I found myself wishing for three items in the context menu (the right-click menu).

* Move the checked lines to worklist;

* Open containing folder in explorer (or select and display the containing group in either the groups or folder pane); and,

* Unhide all hidden items.

You might want to move the "Select all" item out of the section dealing with checked items, and put it up at the top, or with the copy and paste commands: it doesn't really belong in the checked items group, because it implies "select all checked items", which is not how it works.

Thanks for being willing to entertain suggestions! - Astra

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1. In version 10 we've added new command in context menu of Find Fonts window: "Add selected items to Worklist".

2. - 3. Thank you for suggestion!
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