Suggestions: tab key, multiple files, and a bug.

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Suggestions: tab key, multiple files, and a bug.

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Hi! I have two more suggestions.

First, could the <tab> key move from window to window? I'd like to be able to press the <tab> key to cycle between (and activate) the various windows shown on the interface.

Second, when applying tags, I'd like to be able to select a group of fonts (in the main window), or a folder of fonts (in the groups or folder panes), and be able to apply tags to the whole set of selected files (or folders).

I think there's a bug. In tile view, in the main window, when i try to shift-select a group of files, the selection goes one row down too far, and one column to the right to far. (Maybe you are using 0 instead of 1 as the start of the sequence?). To duplicate the bug, go to a folder that has a lot of fonts in it, select one font, then shift-select another font located down and to the right.

Thanks! I've been enjoying your program a lot. - Astra
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1. It is possible to implement this behavior of Tab key, I'll do some investigations. Currently you can activate views using assigned short cuts (you also can customize shortcuts in Tools/Customize/Keyboard). Thank you for suggestion!

2. In version 10 you can assign tags to selected fonts. To assign tags to all fonts within a folder (or a group) you can use Worklist view. Select a folder and choose Add to Worklist... command. All fonts within a folder and nested folders will appear in Worklist. Then select all fonts and assign a tag.

3. I've not reproducted reported bug in Tile view, but there is known issue in the default "thumbnail" view of the Main view. Sometimes when you select a range of fonts with Shift+Click one extra font could be selected. (This usually happens in 2-column view when you click to an item that is located to the left of the upper selected item.) We have found that this is a bug of Microsoft list view common control used in the Main view. Fixing this issue is a relatively difficult task. We reported this issue to Microsoft 2 years ago, but the bug is not fixed yet, unfortunately.
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