Groups: delete only *.lnk, not the file itself

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Groups: delete only *.lnk, not the file itself

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I add all the fonts to groups as links. When I want to delete a font from a group FE deletes the font file, not just link. Is there any workaround for that?
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When you display fonts from Groups, FontExpert displays in the Main view actual files, not links (shortcuts).
If you select font in the Main view and choos Delete, FontExpert will delete actual files.
But if you select Delete command in Groups view for the same selected shortcuts, FontExpert will delete links (shortcuts).

1. Open Groups view.
2. Select a font shortcut (.lnk file) (or several lnk files).
3. Open context menu by right click (NB: in Groups view !)
4. Select Delete.
FontExpert will delete only short cuts (only lnk-files), but actual font files will not be deleted.

Note that when you select a short cut, you can see the font preview in the Main view, and the Main view displays actual (!) font files.
Thus, if you open context menu in the Main view (not in Griops view!) you will delete actual font files.
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