Frequently Asked Questions

When I start up and go to folders it does not remember the folder I was at when I closed down and I have to browse through to find my 'My Documents' folder each time.

Select the desired start folder in Tools, Options, General, "Start from this folder".

I just have purchased and received the CD. I installed the the program, however the program states that it's "trail basis"? Why does it say that?

You must first activate your license key to remove this message.

I just upgraded to the latest build and my license key is not working. The application tells me I'm running an unregistered version. Is a new license key required for this latest build?

You may always upgrade for free to the same major version of the Photo Manager (e.g. from version 2.0 Release 1 to version 2.0 Release 2). The License Key sent to you when you purchased version 2.0 is valid for ALL earlier and future releases of version 2.0 only. If you have completely uninstalled the program from your computer and then have installed the latest build, you must activate your license key again.

I had to redo my computer and now every time I start Photo Manager it says it is an evaluation copy. How do I put my license key in so that I can use this?

You must activate your license key again on this computer. Choose Help/Activate License Key... from the main menu.