Create Glyph

To create new glyph and to add it to the font, choose Font | Create Glyph... menu command.

Or scroll down to the last cell of the font table and press the "Plus" button.

Create Glyph Button

Create Glyph window appears:

Create Glyph

By default, FontDraw suggests you to create the glyph not mapped to a character code.

You can map the glyph to a character code later.

Press Create button.

FontDraw will create the glyph in the font, and take you to the glyph editing window, which will initially be empty because the glyph has been created but not yet drawn. That is, the glyph will be created without initial contours.

To create glyph mapped to a character code select appropriate check box and choose character code.

Кнопка выбора кода символа

Note. What is a character code? (Same as code point.) This is a feature of digital fonts. In digital fonts, glyphs are assigned special numeric codes that are constant and do not change, since they are defined in the Unicode standard. For example, the Ohm sign Ω has the decimal numeric code 8486, while the character code is usually written in hexadecimal form and added "U+". Therefore, the code for the Ohm sign Ω in the Unicode standard is written as U+2126, which means the decimal value is 8486. Computer programs then use numeric codes when drawing glyphs. Thus, if you want to add the glyph to a font, you can first add it without reference to the character code, draw the glyph contours, and then assign the necessary code to the glyph. Or immediately set the character code.

Choose character code:

Choose Character Code

In this window, cells with character codes that are already assigned to font glyphs are made light, and cells with character codes that are not yet assigned are look darker.

Instead of selecting the character code from the "Choose Character Code" window, you can also type the Unicode code, for example, "U+2126", if you know the character code.

You can add initial contours to the glyph. By default, FontDraw suggests you to copy contours from a font file as from a template.

Create Glyph Mapped to a Character Code

Press Create button.

If you left the "Add initial contours" check box, FontDraw creates the glyph with initial contours copied from the template font. Then you can delete or redraw these countours.

Created Glyph