Detecting Font Problems

FontExpert comes with a Detect Font Problems tool that allows you to find and solve many problems with your fonts.

Choose Tools, Detect Font Problems from the main menu. Then click the Installed Fonts button.

FontExpert looks at your installed fonts and turns on colored light bulbs near every font:


No problems




Serious warning


Problem found

You can ignore the items that have green light bulbs.

Select an item that has a yellow, orange or red bulb. Notice that FontExpert comments on the problem and makes a recommendation on how to solve it. Usually FontExpert recommends the button that you can click to solve the problem. Sometimes FontExpert gives you two or more possible ways of solving the problem. In this case, you have to make a choice.

Note that changes are not saved until you click the OK button.

You can cancel all changes you made by clicking the Cancel button.