Properties View

The Properties view shows the list of properties of the currently selected font in the main view. The list of properties depends on the type of font selected.

The set of properties also depends on the view where you select the font.

To uninstall one font face of an installed font family (such as Normal, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic), select the font in the System Fonts view. Then open the Properties view and expand the Source Files property. Right click the face name you want to uninstall. Choose the Uninstall Source File... from the popup menu.


In the Main view, Worklist view, and Fonts view, you can open standard Properties window for every file or folder. Select any file or folder and press Alt+Enter. The Properties window that appears is the same as the window opened from Windows Explorer.

The set of properties is different for fonts of different types. For example, Panose properties are displayed for TrueType and OpenType fonts only.