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  • manage fonts with

    My Collections

    Attach your font folders, index your fonts and search for fonts. Pick required font by typing its name in the Quick Search box.

  • put fonts into


    Library allows you to view it as a hierarchy of logical folders without rearranging folders and files in the font storage.

  • organize and activate


    Groups are the logical sets of fonts in the Library which can be activated and deactivated as a whole.

  • assign


    Assign keywords, categories, ratings, and captions. Search by tags and by font properties.


Font Manager for OpenType, TrueType, and Adobe PostScript Fonts

FontExpert 2019 Font Manager
FontExpert Font Manager enables you to preview and manage fonts, create Library, font groups, attach font collections, search for fonts in Library and collections, and examine your system for font errors.

FontExpert Features:

  • View and Preview Fonts
    FontExpert displays the list of all installed typefaces and lets you explore folders and preview uninstalled fonts located on your compact disks or DVDs, local disks, removable disks or network drives. You can preview the font as a paragraph of text or as a detailed character map. It is easy to choose the desired font size, font style or color.
  • Assign Keywords, Ratings and Categories to Fonts
    Assign keywords, categories, ratings and captions in new Tags view.
  • Search in Database
    Search for fonts in the database by keywords, ratings and categories in new DB Search view.
  • Search for Fonts on Local Discs and Network Drives
    FontExpert can search your local disks, remote drives, network folders for fonts, and put all fonts to a special list for your further work.
  • Search for Duplicates and Corrupted Fonts
    FontExpert automatically detects corrupted and incomplete fonts, and allows you to search for and manage duplicate fonts.
  • Manage Fonts
    It is easy to manage any typefaces that are shown in any view of the program. You can sort, filter, preview fonts, copy, move, delete font files, activate or deactivate fonts, add or link fonts to font groups (sets). The program can control fonts located in the Windows Fonts and Psfonts folder (used by Adobe Type Manager), so you do not need to remove fonts from standard folders as some font managers require.
  • Create Font Library
    FontExpert imports fonts and creates font library. You can keep your fonts organized in groups (sets), and activate or deactivate font sets. A group may include either the font file, or a link to a file located in any folder on your computer or network drive. It is easy to add fonts or links by drag-and-dropping from the Windows Explorer to the Groups view.
  • Print Fonts
    FontExpert can print selected fonts. It is easy to print character map, "water flow" or face name reports for selected fonts, either installed or uninstalled. You can customize and format page headers and footers as desired, for example, by adding the name of your company.
  • View Advanced Font Properties
    The program displays detailed information about the selected font, including type foundry or copyright, TrueType tables, number of kerning pairs in a font, Panose attributes, Windows font metrics and more.
  • Examine your System for Font Errors
    With the help of Detect Font Problems feature, it is easy to find errors in installed fonts and to optimize Windows by resolving typeface conflicts and by removing records about missing fonts.
  • Export Fonts to HTML Web Album
    FontExpert can create HTML Web Album from selected fonts. You can create GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and BMP images of selected font faces. See the sample of HTML page created by FontExpert.
  • Automatic Activation of Missing Fonts
    FontExpert includes Missing Fonts Loader plug-in for Adobe InDesign, and for Adobe Illustrator.
  • Windows Shell Extensions
    The program adds Open, Print and Install Font custom menu commands to Windows Explorer context menu, and adds custom property page that displays detailed attributes of selected .ttf or .otf file. FontExpert adds font management capabilities to the shell so it is easy to activate or print any font in a folder you browse in Windows Explorer.

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FontExpert and Photo Manager resources.

Latest News:

  • Jun 9, 2021

    FontExpert 2021 Version 18.0 Release 4

    Proxima Software has issued new release of FontExpert 2021 version 18.0 (64-bit and 32-bit).>>
  • Feb 13, 2021

    FontExpert 2021 Version 18.0 Release 3

    Proxima Software has issued new release of FontExpert 2021 version 18.0 (64-bit and 32-bit).>>
  • Dec 27, 2020

    FontExpert 2021 Version 18.0 Release 2

    Proxima Software has issued new release of FontExpert 2021 version 18.0 (64-bit and 32-bit).>>
  • Dec 12, 2020

    FontExpert 2021 Version 18.0

    Proxima Software has issued new major version FontExpert 2021 version 18.0 (64-bit and 32-bit).>>
  • Nov 6, 2020

    Missing Fonts Loader Plug-In for Adobe InDesign 2021 16.0 x64

    Proxima Software has issued Missing Fonts Loader plug-in for Adobe InDesign 2021 16.0 x64. >>
  • Feb 24, 2020

    FontExpert 2020 Version 17.0

    Proxima Software has issued new major version FontExpert 2020 version 17.0 (64-bit and 32-bit).>>
  • Nov 5, 2019

    Missing Fonts Loader Plug-In for Adobe Illustrator 2020 24.0 (64-bit)

    Proxima Software has issued Missing Fonts Loader plug-in for Adobe Illustrator 2020 24.0 (64-bit). >>

System Requirements:

Operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit):
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista. Windows XP is supported by previous version of FontExpert.


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”I must say that you have the best font program that I have ever used. I have been an art director and a graphic designer for over 40 years and I've run into a lot of them but none that had not only the ease of use, but also the complete coverage that yours has. It is a wonderful font program and I'm sure that many more out there agree with me.”

Annie Wilkin, art director and graphic designer

”I just wanted to let you all know how deeply satisfied I am with your product. I have been using FontExpert for almost 2 years now and it is the best font manager program I have ever seen or used. As a graphic designer this program is invaluable and I have recommended it to many of my friends and fellow designers. Keep up the good work!”

Doug Cloud, designer

”Hi, it's not my habit to send this type of message, but this is an exception because your program also does it. I'm a web font collector, and a foreigner languages student (without presumption, I write in Japanese, French, Romanian, and Spanish, my native language), and sometimes the fonts I want to use have not all the characters I need, so I have searched for a font viewer program by too much time, and the best I found among all of them (maybe 30 or 40) is FontExpert. I want to tell you "Congratulations!" because there is no a program more complete. Show the fonts by language, show the Unicode characters, browse in others folders, customize the text sample are just a few options that we can find in many others programs, but never gathered together. When I want to search a special character in a "dingbats" font, it's very easy. All the other options as color and size change are very useful. Besides, the appearance of the program is really cool. I could gamble my soul to defend that FontExpert is, and will be the best font manager and viewer that ever existed.”

Edgar Chimal, student