Uninstalling or Deactivating Fonts

To uninstall and/or deactivate a font, select it in the System Fonts view. Right click the font face name and select Uninstall or Deactivate... from the popup menu to see the Uninstalling or Deactivating Fonts dialog box. Click the Uninstall or Deactivate button.

This command uninstalls and/or deactivates the font depending on its current state (whether it was installed permanently or activated temporarily). The font will not be loaded at the next Windows restart. Also this command tries to unload this font from the current Windows session. There are cases when it is not possible to unload fonts. Such fonts will remain loaded until the next restart of Windows.

FontExpert makes a backup copy of uninstalled font files that were located in the standard Fonts folder (usually Windows\Fonts). You can specify the backup folder in FontExpert Options.

To uninstall or deactivate a group of fonts, select it in the Groups node of Fonts view. Right click the group folder and select Uninstall... from the popup menu.

To uninstall one font face (such as Normal, Bold, Italic, or Bold Italic) from an installed font family, select the font in the System Fonts view. Then open the Properties view and expand the Source Files property. Right click the face name you want to uninstall and select Uninstall Source File... from the popup menu.

Toolbar Button


Install permanently.

Activate Temporarily.

Uninstall or Deactivate.
Permanently installed fonts will be uninstalled; temporarily activated fonts will be deactivated.

Colored Item in the main view


The font is installed permanently (font is active).
Windows will load this font again after restart.

The font is activated temporarily (font is active).
Windows will NOT load this font automatically after restart.